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What Should you Know About Facial Tissues?

Jan. 07, 2021

Facial tissues used for pumping paper are usually 100% pure wood pulp, without the need to add any chemical bleaching agents, because the usual facial tissues are V-folded.

Semi Auto Facial Tissue Single Packing Machine

Semi Auto Facial Tissue Single Packing Machine

In order not to waste expensive toilet paper, people divide it into squares or rectangles, stack them together, and then put them in a small mouth carton. The paper got its name.

Paper packaging is mainly divided into plastic packaging and carton packaging.

The carton is very beautifully made and the shape is also very beautiful. The materials of the box are mainly white cardboard, white board, plastic, wood, bamboo strips, etc. A beautifully designed drawer box is also a good decoration in the home.

Facial tissue has become a new form of advertising, and has become a favorite of merchants! It is more suitable for gifts and promotional items in various industries such as catering industry, entertainment industry, insurance industry, automobile industry, wine industry and education industry. It is widely used, so it can be seen anywhere in cars, desks, family bedrooms, hotel rooms, etc. Paper extraction can also help enhance the company's brand image, making it easier for customers to remember the company's phone number, thereby increasing company turnover.

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